Artis – FAD Hand Painted Flat Molding Corner FMCF-002-2


Fine Art Deco Flat Molding



Artis – FAD Hand Painted Flat Molding Corner FMCF-002-2 These flat moldings are fully hand painted by professional artists. Finished in metallic colors to match most of your place decorative accessories. Can be used for interior and exterior settings. Can also be washed. These moldings are made of polyurethane that last forever. Made in U.S.A. Limited Lifetime Warranty Polyurethane Flat Molding Polyurethane is a hard, dense foam that has many advantages over wood in that it does not rot, crack, splinter, or absorb moisture. are a few of the many advantages of polyurethane moldings: Exquisite detail and design consistency Lasts longer than mdf or wood crown molding Designed for interior and exterior use Cuts cleanly without splintering Lightweight and easy to install


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