Gwen’s Cabin – Copper – Wall and Backsplash Tile – #612


Metal Backsplash Panels



Our 612 Gwen’s Cabin backsplash is a great way to add both some beauty and a little fun to your cabin in the woods. Whether you own a mansion in Mammoth, an A-frame in Aspen, or a farmette outside Fairbanks, our Gwen’s Cabin backsplash will complete that rustic look perfectly. These tiles are all decked out with three beautiful symbols of nature—frolicking bears, majestic moose, and sturdy pine trees—that will bring a bit of the great outdoors inside. Whether you live in it year-round, stay in it all summer, or just visit for vacations, decorate your cabin to perfection with 612 Gwen’s cabin backsplash. Pattern 5” X 5″‘ repeating pattern Size & Application 21 3/8″ Wide x 16 3/8″ High per Sheet Nail up Installation instructions link Finished Project Facts Aluminum or Solid Copper will never rust No sharp edges Made for one person install Price is per Sheet of tiled pattern Project Showcase 612cr – Copper Installed in Kitchen 612cr – Solid Copper Installed in Kitchen


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