Saint Charbel Icon Religious Mosaic




This is a hand-made religious marble mosaic icon of a Lebanese Saint whose name is Charbel. After his death many people saw mysterious lights over his grave. The grave was opened in the presence of an official committee which included doctors who verified the soundness of the body. After the grave had been inspected it was reputed that the variety of healing incidents multiplied. Again a multitude of pilgrims from different religious facets started flocking to the Annaya monastery seeking the saint’s intercession. Several post-Morten miracles are attributed him including periods in 1927 and 1950 when a bloody sweat” flowed from his corpse soaking his vestments. His tomb has become a place of pilgrimage for Lebanese and non-Lebanese Christian and non-Christian alike. MR070 is composed of all natural stones and hand cut tiles. “


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